Mighty Mule Brazo Motor Para Portera De Hasta 150Kgs

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  • Garantia: 12 meses
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  • Mighty Mule's best value performance package.
  • America's #1 DIY (Do It Yourself) Gate Opener since 1987.
  • Designed for single swing gates up to a maximum of 12 ft. or maximum of 300 lbs.
  • Perfect for all gate types including chain link, tube, panel,vinyl and wood.
  • 12 Volt Automotive or Marine Type Battery Required.
  • 30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit available.
  • Residential home owners can use this credit on a new operator system accessories and installation with the purchase of a Mighty Mule Solar Panel;5-watt (FM121) or 10-watt (FM123).

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