Trisol Panel Solar Fotovoltaico 30W 12Vmonocristalino

  • Código: 27219
  • Marca: Trisol
  • Garantia: 3 años
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  • Estado: Nuevo
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Electrical characteristics
Max-power:Pm(W) 30
Max-power voltage: Vm(V) 18,6
Max-power current: Im(A) 1,61
Open-circuit voltage:Voc(V) 22,5
Short-circuit current: Isc(A) 1,74
Max-system voltage(VDC) 600
Operating temperature(?) - 40° ~ +85°C
Power tolerance 0 ~ 3%
*STC condition:1000 W/m2,1.5AM and 25? cell temperature.


  • High quality solar cells to advanced encapsulation .
  • High transparent low-iron tempered glass, high quality anti-UV EVA and back sheet.
  • Multi-ply performance testing for each module, to ensure the product quality and output performance.
Using anodization aluminum frame with anticorrosion, to ensure solar module working under extremely and badly outdoors environment


  • Guarantee the workmanship for 3 years, 90% power output for 10years, and 80% power output for 20years.

Production application:

  • Independent power supply for remote area,i.e. house lighting etc.
  • Solar power system.
  • Solar lighting, garden lamp,solar lawn lamp etc.
  • Other samll solar power supply

Mecanical Characteristics

  • Number of cells  36
  • Dimension (mm)   630 x  340 x 18 
  • Weight (kg)   2,4


Mecanical Characteristics


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