Trisol Bomba De Agua 12 O 24V 600Lt/H Hasta 20Mts Sumergida 70Mts De Levante Total

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DC 12V / 24 Volt Deep Submersible Solar Water Pump for Wells, Irrigation, Ponds
This solar water pump is made for submersion in deep wells, irrigation systems, ponds, and more. The solar powered design is energy efficient for remote, inaccessible, or off-grid locations. Rest easy with a reliable solar water pump that effectively makes your water usable and convenient.
This is the perfect water pump for rural cabins, livestock watering ponds, agricultural irrigation systems, or any type of deep well that needs a pump. The maximum submersible depth is 100 feet (30 meters) and the minimum depth is 4 inches
Key Features:
Perfect for cabins, livestock ponds, off-grid living
Permanent magnet thermally protected motor
Stainless steel fastener
50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen
Solar power possible, energy efficient
Up to 230 feet lift
Flow Rate: 1.6 GPM (6 Liters per Minute)
Fits 4 inch diameter and larger Wells
Fitting: 1/2" Barbed Fitting
This solid diaphragm style pump structure is simple and small, making it fit well in many style of wells and water systems, it does not displace too much water. 
Weighing just 3 kg, it is easy for most people to handle. 
Installation is simple and fast. The "quick disconnect" feature allows the pump to be easily separated from the tube via the patent pending "Watertight-Gland" design. Quickly control the pump when maintenance is needed. 
The pump fits both in smaller 4 in. diameter wells and also all bigger wells.
Even if your well runs dry or you need to test in dry conditions, no damage will be done to this durable pump! 
The positive displacement, 3 chamber solid design diaphragm pump is run by a permanent magnet thermally protected motor. 
The stainless steel fastener and 50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen are long lasting and non-corrosive. 
The housing is also corrosion proof, for a pump that will last for years and years in many conditions and environments.
With a flow rate of 1.6 gpm (6 liters per minute), this is an efficient pump for most watering needs. The maximum lift is 230 feet, which is sufficient for most wells and situations. 
This pump can also be run on a 12V battery system with the same suction lift; flow rates will be approximately half than with 24V. 
Quick disconnect design
Lightweight - 3 kg
4" to 100 feet submersible depth
No damage when run dry
Positive displacement, 3 chamber solid design diaphragm pump 
Can be used with solar panels (120W min.) and / or 24V battery systems
24 Volt DC, 4 amps / 12 Volt
1.6 gpm (Gallons per Minute) flow rate
solid diaphragm structure
230 ft maximum lift
100 ft maximum submersible depth
solar power possible
only 6 lb 2oz / 2.8 kg weight 
packaged in a 14" x 4.5" x 5" box
draws 4.6 Amps at 24V
stainless steel fastener
stainless steel inlet screen
orange color housing
a manual or automated (via pump controller) stop of the pump for approx. 30 minutes after 3 hours of continuous run-time is recommended 
pump comes complete with detailed operation and maintenance manual
when used with Solar Panels, 120W minimum are required, often used are 2 x 80 Watt Panels or 160 Watt total

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