Trisol Cable Solar Por Metro 5.26Mm2 10 Awg Ul 4703 Cobre 1000V 90Grc A Uv Pv Wire Made In Usa

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Conductor size: 10 AWG
Length: 100 ft
Feet per pound: 17.54
Nominal outside diameter (in.): 0.28
Conductor stranding: 19 strands per conductor
Conductor material: Bare copper
Insulation material: Cross linked Polyethylene (XLP)
Max. amps per conductor: 40 A
Max. voltage: 600 V
Min. temperature rating: -40°C
Max. temperature rating: 90°C
Approvals: Type USE-2 per UL 854, RHH/RHW-2 per UL 44, Type PV per UL 4703
Applications: Solar panels, DC circuits, inverter wiring



Applications Per the National Electrical Code, USE-2 wire is suitable for use in grounded PV arrays only. UL 4703 cable can be used within both grounded and ungrounded PV arrays. THHN cable is used as general building wire and cannot replace USE-2 or UL 4703 cable.

Temperature Rating PV cable is rated for 90°C in wet conditions and up to 150°C in dry conditions. USE-2 is rated for 90°C in both wet and dry conditions. THHN cable is rated at 75°C in wet conditions and 90°C in dry conditions.

Voltage PV wire can be rated for 600 V, 1000 V, or 2000 V. THHN and USE-2 wire are only rated for 600 V.

Flexibility PV wire is made up of stranded copper conductors, which makes it flexible. USE-2 wire is usually installed in locations where it is not subject to movement or mechanical damage, so they can use either solid or stranded conductors made of copper, copper-clad aluminum, or aluminum, making it less flexible than PV wire.

Insulation and Jacket Both PV and USE-2 cable use thermoset insulation and jacket, typically XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) or EPCV.

Testing Requirements USE-2 cable is usually installed underground where it will likely not encounter flames, while PV wire can be exposed in an installation, so flames tests are required only for PV wire. Overload and mechanical abuse tests (including crushing and impact resistance) are applicable only to USE-2 cable.

PV wire must pass more stringent testing requirements for sunlight resistance and low temperature flexibility. It undergoes a 720 hour weatherometer and a -40ºC cold chamber conditioning. In contrast, the requirements for USE-2 cable are 300-hour weatherometer and -25ºC cold chamber conditioning.

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