Trisol Panel Solar Fotovoltaico 100W 12V Monocristalino

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General Data        
Maximum Power  Pm(W) Watts 100W    
Watt Tolerance    % ±3    
Application    DC12V    
Storage & Operating Temperature   Deg .C -45?~85?    
Standard Test Conditions:Cell Temperature:25 Deg. C,Irradiance:1KW/?,Air Mass: 1.5       

Voltage & Ampereage        
Maximum System Voltage   Volts 1000VDC    
Maximum Operating Voltage  Vmp Volts 18    
Maximum Operating Current  Imp Amps 5.56    
Open Circuit Voltage  Voc Volts 22.5    
Short Circuit Current  Isc Amps 6.12    

Solar Cell        
Cell Type and Diameter     Monocrystalline,125mm×125mm    
Number of Cells   In Series  36(4×9)    
Temperatures Coefficients        
Temp Coefficent of Isc  Tk Isc % per deg.C 0.055    
Temp Coefficent of Voc  Tk Voc % per deg.C -0.34    
Temp Coefficient of Pmax  Tk Pmax % per deg.C -0.48    
Normal Op. Cell Temp (NOCT)   deg.C 45?±2?    
Materials & Accessories Data (All Certified by CE and TUV)         
Junction Box     IP65 rated    
Output Cable:Wire Diameter :4m?  Length mm 900    
Type of Cable Connector    MC Plug Type IV    
Frame:Aluminum Alloy    Anodized    
Front Glass:Low Iron,High Transmisson,Tempered glass  Thickness  3.2mm    
Cell Encapsulation Material  EVA mm 0.5mm    
Backsheet Cover Material  TPT mm 0.3mm    
Quality Warranty (Output Power)        

Dimensions, Packing & Loading        
Dimensions:Length×Width×Height   mm 1195×541×35    
Weight   kg 8

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